Sunday, April 13, 2014

More to Come

Saturday was an amazing, beautiful day. I took a swing by the Sanford Regional Airpatch to see what was shaking. Judging by the full apron at the FBO, there were lots of hundred plus dollar hamburgers being eaten at the Cockpit Cafe next door. While sticking my nose over the fence, I saw a beautiful Super Cub with Tundra Tires taxi in. I haven't seen one of those in some time. Tundra tires aren't all that common up here as one may think. Just then, a Mooney departed at the speed of stink, and it was gear up before it left the ground it seemed. The pilot must have been Navy...

At any rate, there will be more stories from the blog soon enough. I have a couple I'm working on, but they're just not done yet. 

In other news, I am looking  forward to seeing the Delta MD-88 disrupt the morning solitude on my way to work tomorrow. Nothing like a little Mad Dog action to sooth the soul before headed into the office...

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