Saturday, February 15, 2014

" I'll never start blogging I swear..." Glad I didn't put money on that.

So a long time ago I made a similar statement. One of the reasons behind all of that is my horrible grammar and spelling. Finally, at 30 years old, I decided it really doesn't matter if you're writing for fun. So here goes:

My name is Mike and I'm a 30 year old guy from sunny, check that, snowy southern Maine. I grew up on the "mid coast" of Maine, specifically Knox County. It was there that I fostered a love for aviation after watching the transportation museum Stearman, Colgan Air Beech 1900's, and MBNA's G-V set up for the approach above my house. 

I was lucky enough to have  an amazing friend of the family, retired USAF Colonel Edward Sleeper take me under his wing and teach me how to fly. I learned the old fashioned way, long before 9/11 ramped up security, and just slightly before parent's freaked out and sued people for damaging their children. Yes, I think I'm part of the last generation that was just sent outside to play. But more about all of that, and Ed, later. 

Fast forward a few years. Ed passed away when I had just started in the working world. At the time of his death I was in the reserve police officer training class, and working full time as a public safety dispatcher. After Ed passed, and with life picking up speed, I abandoned flying. A lot of this was due to the sadness of Ed's loss. I just couldn't imagine flying without him. Eventually, I would. 

The short story of why this is called Stall Recovery is this: After having been a golden child for a so long, I made some mistakes. After a saddening separation from my son's mother, sad in terms of not being with him full time anymore, a short time later I  found myself outside of public safety for the first time in my life. 

Forward to present day. I work as a customer service/inside sales/all around office guy for a locally owned, yet large, food distributor. Do I like it? No. Is it paying the bills? Kinda. Bottom line, is at 30, I have pulled out from the stall, got the wings level, and am starting to put the power on.(Hey, I had to put some quirky aviation talk in here, right?) We're only going up from here. I am fighting to get into aviation, in any manner, professionally. I am writing to share the journey of a 30 year old trying to get in the business. I'll share some stories, make some funnies, and let you know what's up. I hope you'll join me for the flight. 

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